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Ep. 15: Looking for Wolves

Tanner asks to join the Party Folk on their way out to hunt for the strange wolves, and we find out the alignment of children.

Ep. 14: Sneks, Skulls, and Surprises

Welcome to Nulb. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The Party Folk must be cautious.

Ep. 13: Interlude - Ugly Crying

Emotions run high after the Party Folk prepare to embark following a festive holiday season in Hommlet.

Ep. 12: Happy Critmas

Grab a glass of hot cocoa. Throw on the yule log. Sit back and enjoy as the Party Folk traverse a most festive turn in their adventure.

Ep. 11: Holding Out for a Hero

After handily dealing with most of Captain Lieutenant Sergeant's men, a new enemy makes themselves known. Surely they will not be more powerful than their thrice ranke...

Ep. 10: A Quick Decent

You wouldn't expect our Party Folk to escape the Moathouse without getting into one more battle would you? But look! A light at the end of the tunnel.

Ep. 9: Gotta Pay the Gnoll Toll

The Party Folk encounter another gang that may share a common goal. Can they trust each other, or is there something fishy going on here?

Ep. 8: Brutes and Levers

Delving ever deeper into the depths of the Moathouse, our Party Folk run into some more trouble, play with a new magical toy, and pound their heads against a mysteriou...

Bonus Ep: The Carnival

A trick or treat special! Second-rate characters in a first class fun house.

Ep. 7: Would You Consider This a Large Creature?

What are those sounds? How large are those creatures? There are many mysteries left for our Party Folk, let's hope they can solve solve one.

Ep. 6: Find Your Paradise

Let the dungeon crawl begin! Luck be on the party's side tonight and may their weapons strike true.

Ep. 5: Hippity Hoppity Get Off Our Property

Our Party Folk, while attempting to reach the Moathouse, get a crash course in giant swamp creature biology.

Ep. 4: Finding Our Bearings

Preparing to set out on their next mission, our Party Folk hear from Jaroo the Druid and make a new friend.

Ep. 3: Getting Antsy

After vanquishing the evil inhabitants of the cave, our party folk begin their trek back to Hommlet but start bugging out along the way.

Ep. 2: The Cave of Shame and Sadness

Join us as our party folk venture into a cave of bipedal hen burglers and learn about geology.

Ep. 1: What's Happening in Hommlet?

Meet the party folk as they arrive at the small hamlet of Hommlet where something fowl is afoot.